Our mission at MustangWill is to create a unique experience around the mustang horses for the French and European public. By giving them the chance to come and meet our herd, we educate them about the mustang history and their nowadays challenges and encourage them to advocate for mustang protection. 


The MustangWill project is also a rescue program for the mustang horse : on aspect of the program is adopting and rescuing captured BLM mustangs and giving them a second chance in life in Europe, but also featuring some rare and old mustang bloodlines, called “Spanish Mustangs”, who are today nearly extinct in the wild. 


Located in Bargemon in the heart of Provence, we have created a center dedicated to the Mustang horse. A 6 hectares sanctuary where our mustang herd lives in semi-freedom, equipped with cabins and B&B for accommodation, as well as a boutique and information center about the mustang. 


During all year long, MustangWill hosts visits, conferences, and events to give the opportunity to discover the mustangs, inform and educate the public. It is the perfect opportunity to meet up close the mustang herd on site and get to learn more about those living symbols of the American Wild West. 


By participating in our project MustangWill, you automatically support the mustang cause : by booking a holiday at our place, buying from our boutique or attending our events, a percentage of the profits goes to the association Chevaux Mustang to protect the wild mustangs.


Discover the MustangWill project and support saving the mustangs: