A unique place and project in Europe to come and visit a mustang horse herd, 

learn more about these lengendary horses and contribute to help saving them.


Nestled in the heart of Provence in France, discover this heavenly piece of nature chosen for our mustang project. 


Our focus at MustangWill : 

          - Education, advocacy and protection for the wild mustang cause 

                      - Adopting and rescuing once wild mustang in need of a second chance



Meet our mustangs :

Through our events as brunchs, clinics, workshops ... 


Stay with our mustangs :

Cabin and Bed and Breakfast renting, wild retreats for an unforgettable holiday and life experience. 


Support our project :

By participating in events, renting and buying from our boutique, a percentage of profits goes to helping

the wild mustang cause. 

Our inspiration :

If there is one living being that has inspired this whole project, it's the MUSTANG.

The mustang, wild horse roaming free in the beautiful landscapes, is a daydream to admire.

Through the encounter of this horse we have travelled a lot, discovering incredible landscapes, cultures and History, 

but it also took us on a wonderful inner journey, rediscovering our values and our deepest feelings, sometimes forgotten:

The awakening of our instinct, our intuition, our sensitivity... and of our freedom. 


The mustang can empower us in so many ways. This project is inspired by the mustangs and for the mustangs,

and we hope that through our concept, you will be touched by the feelings that this horse can give. 


Today, the futur of the mustangs is uncertain, we are comitted to protect it.

A part of your contributions will be donated to help the wild mustang cause.


Our project is dedicated to this horse.


. Thank you and Welcome .

SHOP' inspi

Everytime you shop, a percentage of profits is donated to help the mustang cause.

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Mustang experience

Come and discover our mustang herd for a unique experience.

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