Mustang Experience

Welcome to our Mustang Experience!

Nestled in the beautiful Provence nature, you will have the opportunity the meet our authentic mustang herd.

Come and stay at our guest house and enjoy the peaceful nature surroundings, discover our eco-tourism concept, while learning more about these legendary horses. 


The Mustang Will project was created to preserve some rare mustang bloodlines while offering a place for people and horses to connect with themselves and nature. 

Our mission is also to increase awareness and education about the mustangs horses, by promoting them through our mustang ambassador herd.


We would be very happy to share with you our passion for these horses and the story of the amazing mustangs!


Join now the Mustang Will concept for a unique experience!

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our guest house



Established in the heart of Provence, come and spend some relaxing time in calm and natural surroundings. 

Enjoy our spacious property and its lovely villa, and discover the mustang horses.

our mustangs


Discover our mustang horses who are the heart of the project. Learn more about these legendary horses, the horses of our herd and their ambassador role in our preservation program of the breed in France and Europe. Even better, come and meet them ! 

Experiences and courses


During all year long, enjoy our special weekends and retreats! Make the most of the relaxing nature to disocver how to reconnect yourself to nature and animals, for a unique experience !