Adopting and Importing a Mustang

If you are passionate about mustang horses and that you dream of giving a second chance in life to one mustang, this project is for you ! 


It is possible to adopt a mustang and import it to France and Europe. 

Once captured by the american government, the mustang horses are offered for adoption. 

Today, more than 50000 of them are waiting in the government corrals to find a loving home. 



We started importing mustang horses to Europe since 2016 and can help you through our personal experience by assisting you in the process of adopting and importing a mustang horse to France or other destination in Europe. 


Adopting a mustang is a lifechanging experience as mustangs can deeply touch the hearts of those who encounter them.  


Tempted by the Mustang adventure ? 

Please fill out the following interest form to get on our potential adoptants list. We will then contact you within a few days to chat with you about your Mustang project.

Interest form: ADOPTIng and importing a mustang

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