The mustang horses that are part of our program are either rescued mustangs that we rescued and adopted from the BLM or mustangs coming from conservation programs, Spanish Mustangs. 


We try to give our horses a life respectful of their natural needs, living in a herd environment, nature and space as wild as possible including parts of forests, fields, different types of grounds, river… a simple and natural diet and keeping them barefoot. 

Our horses still have a strong wild instinct, and we do everything in our power to create for them a space where they can express their true nature. 


We see our mustangs here at MustangWill as the ambassadors and representants of their relatives, the wild mustangs.

Through our herd, the European public can discover those wonderful horses, their History, and the challenges they are facing today.


Our work here to preserve the mustang horse includes two main aspects: 

- Adopting and rescuing wild mustangs and offering them a second chance in life 

- Featuring some rare mustang bloodlines, that are now nearly extinct in the wild: the Spanish Mustang. Because these specific herds of mustangs lived in geographically isolated areas and didn’t mix much with more modern breeds, they are, genetically speaking, remarkably close to the horses brought by the Conquistadores, hence their name “Spanish Mustang”. 


By participating our project and visiting our mustang horses, a percentage of profits goes to helping the wild mustang cause.