Passionate about horses since my childhood, it is after reading a book about wild mustangs that my love for that special wild horse starts. 

From that day, the mustangs were always in my mind and I only had one wish: to go and meet them in the wild. 

My dream comes true in 2010 when I fly to America to discover the herd of the Pryor Mountain mustangs in Montana.

This encounter with the wild mustangs will change me and move me forever. 

Completely taken away by their raw beauty, the wind of freedom stroking their manes, and the image of their pure soul reflected in their eyes, those majestic horses have conquered my heart and I leave the US transformed.

When I learn about the wild mustang being chased from their own land, being rounded-up by helicopters, captured and separated from their families forever to be offered for adotpion, I cannot stand there and do nothing about it. 

Returning to France, I decide to create my website Chevauxmustang.com (which will become later the Association Chevaux Mustang) to inform and sensitize the French and European public to the wild mustang cause. 

This first project got more and more attention from the public, and the wild mustang cause reveals itself clearly to me as being my life mission. I decide to go further in my will to help the mustangs by creating the MustangWill project.

To give life to this project, I selected and adopted some mustang horses to come and complete my program and represent the wild mustang horses.

Today, MustangWill welcomes the public who wishes to discover the mustangs, through visits, events as discovery days, workshops, clinics, retreats and also offers cabin and bed and breakfast renting to spend a wonderful time and holiday close to those legendary horses. 

I hope to meet you soon and share with you my passion for the mustang horses. 



Mary Williams 


Creator of the MustangWill project 

President of the Chevaux Mustang Association